Introduction to Wandlore: Lesson 1

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Introduction to Wandlore: Lesson 1

(Professor Slebo Nikos scrawls a drawing of a wand in preparation of his first day leading his Wandlore class. His heart pounding with each stroke of the chalk. He turns to face his counter with an assortment of wands laying on the surface.)

     “Well my old friends. Time to teach these kids a thing or two.”

(The students enter the classroom. Some are pushing each other around and others with give a courteous greeting. Slebo stands at attention in front of the counter of wands. He stands in stern silence as all eyes are on Professor Nikos.)

    “Good morning Class. My name is Professor Slebo Nikos and this is Intro to Wandlore Studies. In this class, you will learn the full spectrum and potential of the new toy you have been waving around since your arrival here at Ilvermorny.”

(He walks slowly with his hands clasped through the center of the rows of students.)

     “First a little about me. I walked these halls as a student, just as all of you will be when I was your age. I was accepted into Horned Serpent house and have many treasured memories.”

(Students belonging to Horned Serpent house begin to awe.) 

     “Fortunately, I don’t play favorites.”

(The Horned Serpents fall silent)

     “I graduated Ilvermorny and became an Auror with MACUSA. After the Death Eater uprising was defeated by Dumbledore’s Army, I wanted to know why Voldemort was so great an adversary to the Wizarding World. I discovered it be because he possessed the fabled Elder Wand and I made it my mission to learn what I could about it.”

     “I traveled to London and was fortunate to become an apprentice to Master Wandmaker, Gerrick Ollivander for many enlightening years. He taught me the science of Wandlore and I had found my true calling. However, as all good things, Mr. Ollivander and had parted on not the best of terms.” 

(Some of the class are intrigued by the mystery while others were getting bored. Professor Slebodnik smirks.)

     “When I came back to the States, I went back to work at MACUSA. Shortly after my return I discovered a vile conspiracy. A series of cases that pitted me against criminals, beasts, monsters, and Death Eaters.”

(Professor Nikos points his Purpleheart Wand to the air in battle stance as he faces his students. The class on the edge of their seats now. He relaxes and smiles warmly.)

    “I also rescued and adopted my lovely daughter Lucy along the way. Who is now a recent graduate from Ilvermorny as well. After my last case had nearly killed me, I decided to retire and I now have the honor to teach you fine witches and wizards in training. You will all be able to accomplish great things from your time here and I am very proud to contribute my knowledge to you young people. Now our journey begins.”

(The sounds of cracking textbook spines fill the air along with the smell of fresh papyrus. Professor Slebodnik approaches the chalkboard.)

     “Magic is like water. It lives within everyone and everything the only thing that changes is how it is summoned and harnessed. In ancient times magic was only done by hand which had required extreme concentration or complex rituals with many participants to Summon their collective strength. However, in Europe, older than 600 B.C.E, Wizards had created the magic wand to act as a funnel allowing Wizards to harness their magic with minimal effort...even first years.”

(The Class giggles. Professor Nikos turns to face the front and begins to walk slowly to the front of the classroom.)

     “Alright, the only way to learn anything is to have it right in front of you.”

(Slebo waves his wand at the counter and each wand begins to levitate and spring to each student’s desk. The wand would stand at attention and bow before each student.)

     “Each of these wands are replicants and will be the only ones we will be examining, am I understood?” (The room is silent.) “Good.”

     “There are various designs and materials in wands but these are the basic parts.”

(Each wand pulls apart into four pieces.)

“They are: The Handle, The Core, The Coupler, and the Blade. The handle...(the handle flips.) is made to fit comfortably in your hand and to act as the foundation of your wand. The blade...(the blade piece helicopters and begins to play fencing with a student and his personal wand.) 

“Ahem?” (The student puts his wand away and Slebo nods.)

   “The blade tapers to concentrate your magic for precision and accuracy. It acts as the body of the wand. The coupler acts as the keystone as it marries all parts together.  Lastly, is the core. The soul of the wand. Before you is a billywig stinger...(the stinger begins behaving as a billywig, buzzing around the students’ heads.)”

     “Every piece of the puzzle is significant in its purpose and their materials are specific in their abilities, but that is for a later lesson.”

(The pieces reassemble and comedically march in single file over the desks back to the front counter.)


~ About The Author ~

The lessons posted are written by David Slebodnik. A humble Wandmaker that resides in Seattle, WA whom has a great deal of love and respect for Wizarding World Community. David believes that wands are as unique and diverse of the people who wield them. David has researched Wandlore for over five years in the Harry Potter series as well as other magical faiths to honor the beliefs of all practitioners and cosplayers alike.

He does have an ample inventory in his shop BibelotsAndBygones on Etsy, but is well known for making custom wands and other magical wares. David’s doors and Instagram are always open to new patrons.

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