About Us

Hello! Welcome to Osborne's Wand Shop!

We are Isaac and Gena, two individuals, who happen to be married, with a love for the fantasy world. Our story began in 2009 when we met at 15 and became inseparable, but it began, individually, for the both of us before then. It isn't a surprise that we love Harry Potter, and that is where magic planted its seed of hope in our lives. Osborne's Wand Shop became a "thing" in 2014. Isaac was serving a 2 year church mission in Oregon, but he had to return home early due to his chronic kidney disease - Cystinuria. This all caused him to experience depression, so he dove into the world of creation, and he started creating lightsabers and wands. Isaac started a Kickstarter, and it was backed just enough that he was able to purchase a lathe.  In March 2015, we got married and moved to a small one bedroom apartment. With no outside shop, Isaac created and crafted most of the wands in our tiny living room. There were wood shavings, everywhere, all the time. Eventually we bought a house that had a dedicated space for Isaac's woodworking.

Fast forward to 2022. Our two girls are now 5 and 7. Gena is in graduate school for her Master of Social Work degree. Isaac continues to make wands and pursues his other creative avenues including music, world building, running game servers, and his latest adventure is learning how to code. Our Wand Shop business has supported our family for so long now. How cool is that?! Osborne's Wand Shop has grown tremendously. It all started with a barely successful Kickstarter that allowed Isaac to purchase a lathe, and now he has created thousands of wands for people all over the world. It is amazing and humbling to look back at where we started and where we are now. We never anticipated to be where we are now. So thank you for giving our little business and family a chance to grow and experience magic.

Magic is real. It is inside each of us. We each have the magic our world needs. Don't ever shy away from letting that magic show.